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Czech is a language spoken in Central Europe by ten million people and by additional one million in the world.  The language belongs to the western branch of Slavonic languages and is closely related to Slovak and Polish. 

The Czech Republic is known for its literature and film, but also industries and inventions that advanced world technology.  The Czech lands were formerly a part of Czechoslovakia and the two languages are so closely related that Czechs and Slovaks understand each other perfectly. After the Velvet Divorce in 1993, the two succeeding republics have been in a special and friendly relationship. Czech Republic is a member of the European Union and its economy has been growing at the fastest pace in Europe. 

Over the past two centuries the United States was the destination point of nearly two million Czechs.  This migration created a strong and lively relationship between the two countries. Since the fall of communism, these ties to the US have been renewed and strengthened in the cultural, economic and political spheres.  The Czech Republic is now attracting business from all over Europe and the World.

Many US students spend time in the Czech Republic studying film, European history, and the incredible baroque architecture, to mention a few.  Prague is also a lively Central European capital, with a large European industrial network. 

Czech constitutes a language of choice for Slavicists as a second or third Slavic language.  Linguists are fascinated by the power of the Czech language.

Graduates with knowledge of Czech have pursued various career paths, including diplomatic careers, journalistic assignments, posts in non-profit organizations, and translating and interpretation.  Some students are also pursuing graduate studies in the field of Slavic languages in Czech universities.

Czech at KU

The Czech language program at KU consists of a sequence of two years, totaling four semesters.  These can be continued by a year in the Czech Republic to attain the advanced level.  Our program is also characterized by personalized advising, co-curricular activities, and opportunities to conduct independent research and to study and undertake internships abroad.



Courses Offered

Our Czech Program consists of beginner, intermediate and advanced level language classes, offering a progressive and immersive learning environment. An alternating sequence of two semesters of Beginning Czech one year, starting in 2018 and Intermediate Czech the following year is offered. The instruction starts with beginning CZCH104 in the Fall and 108 in the Spring. The following year it is continued as intermediate CZCH 204 in the Fall and 208 in the Spring. All courses are delivered online. The classes meet as a group in virtual space, and this format allows non-traditional students to enroll while off campus. Thanks to the small classes students receive individual support from the instructor.

Czech Classes Offered


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